Bittermilk No 3 Smoked Honey Whiskey Sour

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Bittermilk was founded by husband-and-wife team Joe and MariElena Raya to simplify the process of making craft cocktails at home. Their line of cocktail mixers are made with real ingredients, handcrafted and bottled in Charleston, South Carolina.

Mixologists and cocktail enthusiasts will appreciate this quality, all-natural mixer for making bourbon- and rye-based whiskey sours. Wildflower honey smoked over bourbon barrel staves for 48 hours creates a nice frothy head when shaken vigorously, while bitter orange peel and lemon provide slightly tart and smoky notes. Mix one part mixer, one part spirit for optimal results. Try it with tequila for a slightly smoky take on a classic margarita.

17 fluid oz

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