Cantele "Teresa Manara" Chardonnay, 2019

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The Cantele estate is a third-generation family-owned and run winery founded by the current generation's grandparents, immigrants from the north who settled in Puglia after WWII. Known for its pioneering work with Chardonnay and its passion for native grapes.

The Cantele family created this wine as a homage to their grandmother, Teresa Manara, who loved white wine. Aged in French barriques, this elegant expression of Pugliese viticulture is a benchmark for the appellation.

The narrow Salento peninsula is renowned for high-quality wine thanks to abundant ventilation, temperate weather, extreme diurnal shifts in summer, and limestone-rich soils. Over the last two decades, Cantele has implemented a cutting-edge "minimal intervention" system in its vineyards, thus ensuring freshness and varietal expression.


Mineral in character with balanced white flower and fruit, it's the perfect pairing for seafood.

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