Champagne Moutard Pere & Fils Dame Nesle Rose NV

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The families of Champagne Moutard Diligent have been living in the village of Buxeuil since the mid 17th century, and have a long tradition of both grape growing and wine production. Located in the Cote des Bar, the vineyard soils are made up of clays and limestones, lending to rich, fruity aromas and good minerality. Champagnes are cellar-aged for at least three years for non-vintage wines and up to ten and fifteen years for vintage wines.  100% Pinot Noir.

91 Wine Spectator - Floral and ground spice notes lace this aromatic rosé, accenting the ripe raspberry and strawberry fruit, and gingersnap biscuit, clover honey and grilled nut flavors. Bright and mouthwatering, with a lacy, spiced finish. 

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