Château de Poncié "949" Fleurie 2018

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Chateau de Poncié is one of the oldest and most renowned estates in Fleurie, dating back to 949 AD and producing some of the finest wines from the best terroirs in Fleurie. At the end of the 19th century, Chateau de Poncié wines were even sold at the same price as those of Clos Vougeot! Today, Joseph Bouchard oversees the viticulture and Frédéric Weber, Bouchard Père & Fils Cellar Master, the winemaking and ageing in a pure Burgundian style. All barrels used at the domain come from Bouchard Père & Fils in Beaune, seasoned by the ageing of several vintages.

Chateau de Poncié joined the Henriot family portfolio in 2008.

“Through precise vinification and careful assemblage of the multiple terroirs, we create wines with delicate balance between finesse and silkiness in a more Burgundian style - A homage to the Fleurie wines of the past.” - Frédéric Weber, Bouchard Père & Fils and Chateau de Poncié Cellar Master

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