Chateau Pontet Canet Multi-Vintage 6 Pack 1990, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999

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Jean Francois Pontet, Royal Master of the Horse in the early 18th Century, bought and consolidated several plots of land located northwest of Pauillac. Several years later, in 1750, his descendants bought neighboring vineyards in an area named "Canet", thus creating one of the largest estates in the entire Medoc. Chateau Pontet-Canet's topography and soil predestined it to produce great wine.
In 1865, the noted wine shipper Hermann Cruse acquired the chateau and its 120 hectares of vones. The Cruse dynasty provided the financial means to make one of the greatest wines in the Medoc. In 1975, Guy Tesseron, solidly implanted in the Cognac region, and owner of Lafon Rochet in St-Estephe, purchsed Pontet-Canet.

The family's avowed ambition is to pass on the history of Chateau Pontet-Canet and secure its future. Today, it is Guy Tesseron’s descendants who own the estate today: Alfred and his nieces Mélanie and Philippine, daughters of his late brother Gérard. Together, they have the same outlook. Alfred shares his vision of the estate with Mélanie, passing on to her its traditions, his outlook on vinegrowing and his passion for wine.

In 2004, the year of the first biodynamic trial which took place on 14 hectares, the wines were radiant, tighter and brighter. Alfred urged Jean-Michel to go further. The estate was fully converted to biodynamic agriculture. This decision became a commitment and a challenge, but also a first for a Médoc Classified Growth.

Since then, with each vintage comes new knowledge, furthering the understanding of the terroir in a profound way. The vine’s resistance to disease is better known today, the understanding of how different parcels behave has improved, always in keeping with biodynamic principles. It requires sincerity, pragmatism and transparency: in a nutshell, absolute dedication.

The wines of Chateau Pontet-Canet obtained organic certification from Ecocert and biodynamic certification from Biodyvin in 2010 and from Demeter in 2014.

A shared state of mind and a particular sensitivity are the key factors which have propelled Chateau Pontet-Canet to the summit of Bordeaux wines in recent years. They are the expression of the Tesseron family’s quiet determination to ensure continuity over the long term.

This collection case contains the great vintages of the 90s:

1990 - From a very early vintage, this rich wine, with a nose of spices and tobacco, marvels at its velvety mouth feel. The finish is tasty and balanced, with impressive length.

1994 - An irregular climate did not prevent the production of a wine with beautiful aromas of red fruits and eucalyptus. This wine, with its silky tannins, is well-balanced and has a long finish.

1995 - A vintage with exceptional weather conditions. This wine has a complex bouquet with notes of evolution and fresh fruit. It is distinguished by its creamy tannins, its power and dazzles with its spicy finish of remarkable length.

1996 - This vintage was saved by a beautiful anticyclone on the eve of the harvest. It seduces us with its great classicism, surprises us with its floral and tobacco aromas and dazzles us with its finesse and elegance.

1998 - Faced with the rains of September, a very quick harvest allowed us to elaborate a wine with a greedy nose, vanilla and floral notes. Its straight and smooth palate precedes a beautiful fruity and persistent finish.

1999 - A quickly picked harvest gave birth to a very expressive and powerful wine, characterised by notes of spices, tobacco and morello cherries. These aromas unfold on the palate around silky tannins and a beautiful balance.

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