Christophe Pacalet Julianes, Beaujolais 2019

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After some works in biochemistry and cooking, Christophe PACALET creates, in 1999 with his uncle Marcel LAPIERRE, the field “Les Marcellins”.

It must be said, faithful to the philosophy of his uncle, Christophe leaves nothing to chance. Concerned about the quality of his wines and respectful of the environment, Christophe does his utmost to obtain the best grapes that he harvests and sorts with his team.

Christophe Pacalet harvests and sorts manually with his team.

The best grapes are then transported in 20kgs boxes towards the cuvage. They are stored a whole night in cold room before the encuvage next morning.

The barrels, thus filled, are saturated with carbonic gas (CO2) and closed.

After cold semi carbonic maceration lasting several days, fermentation without SO2 begins thanks to naturally occurring yeast.

This natural yeast contained on the bloom (or the grape's skin) gives to each of our wines the typicity of their terroir. Fermentation lasts approximately fifteen days.

Pressing is made on a vertical typical wooden press. The juices are then cleansed, cooled and put in 228 liters barrels.

After maturing in oak barrels on fine lees during 5 to 10 months, our wines are bottled at the domaine. This bottling is made with a very little filtration (the barrels bottom is filtered on cellulose plate, approximately 5% of totality).

They are also sulphited slightly or not according to the request of the customer.
The wines without suffers are alive wines which must, for a good conservation, be stored at a temperature of 14°c.

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