A Tribute to Grace, Rosé of Grenache, Highlands Vineyard, Santa Barbara 2022

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Our eleventh vintage of the wine that defines the joy of Spring! In 2022 we further increased our selection from our beloved 'Mesa' block (our single-vineyard source), which brings a lifted ethereal dimension to the aromatics, and my tasting notes indeed include skyward jonquil.
The Mesa clusters were foot-tread by two favourite Jen(n)s and I - gracedance 2022 playlist here - and left on skins for just 24 hours to impart their gorgeous tonality and texture, before being pressed with their clone Noir/2 sisters. A long, slow, cool fermentation ensued. The finished wine aged sur lie in stainless before being bottled under a Sagittarius moon on Febraury 16, 2023: my dear Nana Grace's 101st birthday.

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