Domaine du Chevalier Clos des Lunes 2019

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Clos des Lunes “Lune Blanche” is the estates entry level wine, made for early drinking. The wine is aged in a combination of stainless steel tanks and concrete vats for an average of 6 months before bottling. The wine is produced from a blend of 70% Semillon and 30% Sauvignon Blanc. Clos des Lunes can be enjoyed on the young side with no decanting. In fact, it is delicious and quite a treat young, even on release! However, Clos des Lunes does have the ability to develop and age, so depending on the wine, and the vintage, you can age it for a few years.
Starting several years ago, Olivier Bernard and the team at Domaine de Chevalier made a strong commitment to Clos des Lunes, an ancient vineyard in Sauternes, among the finest in Bordeaux. Relying on an intimate relationship with the terroir, the ultimate aim is to create one of the greatest dry white wines on the market.
Clos des Lunes is located in the heart of a small area encompassing the finest great growths of Sauternes, in the communes of Sauternes and Bommes. Historically, this terroir has always been recognized for its ability to produce top-quality sweet white wines.

However, before botrytisation, the grapes obviously go through a phase of optimum ripeness that is also conducive to making dry white wines. The fine soil and microclimate here are ideally suited to producing very great dry white wines with remarkable freshness. We take maximum advantage of these unique features.

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