Lightwell Survey"Strange Collapse" Rose , Shenandoah Valley 2021

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A blend of 49% Vidal blanc, 31% Petit Manseng, 8% Chambourcin, 8% Noiret, and 4% Traminette. Right off the bat the sunrise starburst color tells us this is something different. Not as dark a heart as last years but still solidly unique. The nose is more subtle this year as well. Thats no complaint. The fresh strawberry and watermelon rind are ever present and appealing. The subtlety continues in the glass as well. The soft river stone wetness make for an easy delicious ripper with just enough weight and acid to let you know you're alive. As for the label, it is a representation of what it’s like being a loner in a gang of thousands. An image of survival in a world that becomes increasingly more crowded and more busy. “If this world is gonna burn then everyone should get the chance to light it up!” 740 cases produced.

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