Mouton Noir "Other Peoples's Pinot Gris" 2021 Willamette Valley

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Maison Noir Wines: Garage Wines (Micro-Negociant) focusing on specific terroirs in Oregon by sourcing the best fruit possible from the Willamette Valley region of Oregon to produce wines which show the individuality of their respected sites.

Grapes: We source our fruit from several of the finest vineyards in the Willamette Valley, it is this combination of grapes from a variety of appellations that creates a wine that is broad and complex with many layers.

Wine: The 2020 vintage, despite numerous obstacles and lower yields, produced high quality fruit full of richness and complexity.We would like to introduce our best take yet on Pinot Noirs favorite mutation:
The 2020 Other People’s Pinot Gris is like Juggling Apples, Pears

and Peaches while dancing to Pharell's "Happy" - enthralling, upbeat, fresh and deluxe.

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