Patois Amherst County Cider "Readymade" 2021

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100% unsprayed heirloom and seedling pears we foraged ourselves. Soils of broken down granite up and along the Blue Ridge mountains give way to red clay to the east. A blend of chance and discovery that shifts year to year.

Pears contain sorbitol, an unfermentable sugar alcohol, which gives the finished perry a slight natural sweetness akin to a brut-level dosage.

Clear, warm temperatures defined the growing season, with enough rain to maintain tree metabolism. A ripe year for Virginia fruit.


  • -  After harvesting, we left the pears in small bins in the shade to further concentrate for roughly two weeks before crushing.

  • -  A continuous fermentation carried through the full harvest window from August to November: we crushed the pears to soak overnight on skins, and then pressed them into a mix of poly tanks and glass demijohns. The multiple components were then blended to finish fermenting in the bottle.

  • -  Bottles aged sur lattes for 16 months before being riddled and disgorged by hand.

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