Denuziere Côtes du Rhône Les Serines 2019

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The small family owned ‘Vins Paret’ company was founded in 1876 in Condrieu. Joanny Paret’s business delivered Condrieu wines within a 25km radius around the village on horses and his largest customer was the church. In the 1940’s, Pierre Denuzière, Joanny’s Paret son in law, took over the company and renamed it Vins Denuzière. Under his leadership and followed by his sons Jean and Joseph, Vins Denuzière became one of the largest wine distributor in the region, supplying wine from Lyon all the way down to Valence. The Denuzière family then sold Vins Denuzière to Mr Michel Picard in 2003. Mr Picard originates from Burgundy and is a respected negociant from that region. In 2010, the business model was changed from being a wine distributor to producing wines under the estate brand name J. Denuzière. The new company changed its focus and decided to produce high end Northern Rhône wines, under the J. Denuzière brand name. A one hectare vineyard in Condrieu and 1.5 hectares in Cornas were purchased and new partnerships with top winegrowers from other Northern Rhône appellations were also created. Samuel Montgermont and Caroline Moro arrived on the estate in 2013 and were put in charge of production. The first estate release under the J. Denuzière brand name was for the 2014 vintage with a Côte Rôtie and Condrieu.

Syrah blended with a touch of Grenache for a fine, spiced and full-bodied wine. The perfect wine for sharing and simple moments.

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