Domaine de Pallus Les Pensées de Pallus Chinon 2016

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While achieving stardom at Spain’s Dominio de Atauta, Bertrand Sourdais remained passionate for his native Chinon, and for its emblematic variety, Cabernet Franc. In 2003, with his father’s retirement nearing,Bertrand took up the challenge of creating something great at the family estate, Domaine de Pallus. Bertrand has brought to the project an insider's sense of tradition combined with an outsider's eye for change. He aspires to test the limits of possibility for the vineyards that 5 generations of his family have worked.

The wine, which used to be the assembly of various plots, becomes a terroir wine that provides a stunning and undeniably dense mouth-feel. The quality of this sandy, calcareous soil, its exposition to hours of sunlight on the hill and the wine making procedures make Les Pensées de Pallus the “premier cru” of the Domaine.

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