Domaine Faiveley Mercury Blanc 2020

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      • This Côte Chalonnaise village takes its name from the God Mercury (God of trade). Mercurey is intersected by the Agrippa road which joined Chalon-sur-Saône with Autun in the Roman era. The wines of Mercurey have made this village's reputation known throughout the world. Mercurey is one of Bourgogne's largest winemaking communes with over 600 ha of vines.

        • The grapes are harvested and sorted by hand. The musts are extracted using a pneumatic press before being settled. The alcoholic fermentation lasts 4 weeks and takes place for a proportion of the musts (60%) in French oak barrels, 10% of which are new oak. The ageing period lasts 16 months with regular stirring whilst the rest of the blend is aged in vats. This allows the wine to develop delicate woody notes whilst conserving its freshness and distinctive character.

      • TASTING
        • The elegant nose exudes fruity and floral notes. The palate of this Mercurey offers a harmonious structure and leaves a pleasant sensation of freshness. An easy drinking wine that is ideal served either as an aperitif or with a meal.

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