Domaine Rolet Macvin du Jura Vino Liquoroso Rouge

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Domaine Rolet was founded in the 1940’s and has remained family run ever since. With 58 hectares of vines in Arbois, Cote du Jura and L’Etoile, they are the second largest wine growing estate in Jura. Despite their size (though they are still relatively small when compared with larger wine regions), Domaine Rolet is highly regarded for its attention to detail, and unrelenting pursuit of quality. As a member of The Vignerons Indépendants group, they work solely from their own vines, and produce a range of styles specific to Jura. One such wine is their Macvin du Jura, a rare, little made, highly sought fortified dessert wine.

Macvin du Jura is made by fortifying unfermented Savagnin must, with Marc du Jura; a Brandy made from grape pomace, a by-product of pressing. The high alcohol prevents fermentation, killing any yeast, and creating a naturally sweet ‘wine’, with a similar alcohol level to Port. This is then cask aged for 22 months, to add a slight tannin and impart complimentary flavours from the Oak. Although sweet, this is not a luscious wine, and it benefits from the naturally high acidity of its base grape. This lifts the sugar and prevents it from appearing cloying.

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