Drekker Plop PB&J Supreme Hard Seltzer

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Imagine the drippiest, most decadent PB&J sandwich you can. That’s what our mad scientist brewers & adjunctologists dialed in for this PLOP! It's absolutely stuffed with black currant, plum, raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, boysenberry, banana, and peanut butter for our most ridiculous PB&J flavor to date!

For those who haven’t Plopped with us before, PLOP is our series of hefty fruited hard seltzers. It’s not THAT kind of a seltzer though, it’s a Drekker kind of seltzer. They’re made with literal tons of real fruit and aren’t made with anything containing gluten or lactose so if that’s a big deal to you you can plop down and have some PLOPs without any worries, and if not, they’re just damn delicious. 6.0% ABV

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