Emendis Vintage Brut NV

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An ancient Cava producing gem along the Catalan coast, the Emendis Estate dates back over 800 years; Champagne vignerons settled in the Pyrenees in an effort to stay ahead of the phylloxera blight moving through France. The name Emendis pays tribute to the pioneering woman who founded the estate and farmed its first vineyards centuries ago.

As bulk production in sparkling wine becomes more commonplace, we look to Cava traditionalists for distinction. At Emendis, quality begins in the vineyards, with nearly 50 acres planted predominantly to classic varieties; the clay-based soil, high magnesium, provides the acidity at the core of these wines. With the vineyards surrounding the winery and caves, harvested fruit can be chilled and pressed without suffering oxidation from transport in the August heat. Secondary fermentations always occur in bottle, with even their entry-tier Cavas spending over a year on lees.

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