Ercole Rosato, Piedmont 2021 1L

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Ercole is crafted in a dry yet juicy style in northern Italy, and comes in a cool liter bottle with a handy screwcap. If you enjoy Provençale Rosé and Italian reds, try this charming bottle of Rosato with take-out Italian fare and pizzas, you will be happy you did! It has remarkable pedigree for the price, from the famed Piedmont designation known for Barolo and Barbera. Ercole Rosé is made of the Barbera grape which may remind you of a Rosé made from Pinot Noir in a ripe, floral style.

Ercole (Italian for 'Hercules') is produced by a generations-old cooperative of local growers in the Monferrato area. Every Fall, this group of small estates who have soils of calcareous-clay, cultivate bright and balanced fruit to blend together under one label, allowing them to make authentic wines that are transmitters of time and place. Ercole produces this Rosé and a lovely Barbera red (also in a liter bottle). Many folks know the Barbera grape for its bright acidity, and these wines are no exception to the rule. With their freshness, ripe, red fruits and floral, mineral core, they are extremely charming and food-friendly. Barbera has been one of our personal favorites for 20 years. ..

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