Evesham Wood Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley 2020

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We had wildfire smoke to deal with in 2020.  While we normally add nothing other than minimal amounts of SO2 to our wines with the 2020 vintage we needed to treat them with Activated Carbon.  Activated Carbon is what is in fish tank filters and it attracts the smoke compounds in the wine, grabs on to them and falls to the bottom.  We then rack the clean wine off of the sediment which contains the carbon, smoke compounds and unfortunately some other good compounds.  We did this will all of our Pinot Noir from 2020 including our star vineyards; Le Puits Sec, Mahonia, Koosah, Temperance Hill and Sojeau and blended them all together in the Willamette Valley blend.  So, while the Willamette Valley bottling lost some complexity from the carbon this year it certainly gained some complexity from all of our top vineyards going into the blend.

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