Filipa Pato Post-Quers Tino, Baga 2018

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Passion for the traditional indigenous grape varietals of Bairrada and Dão lead Filipa Pato to start her own project in 2001. This project consists of working on a total of 12 hectares of vineyards scattered in various plots throughout the Bairrada region of Portugal. Utilizing biodynamic farming practices and minimal-intervention winemaking, Filipa and her husband, Belgian sommelier and restaurateur William Wouters, produce Vinhos Autênticos Sem Maquilagem – ‘Authentic Wines Without Makeup.’

Brilliant cherry red color with a present viscosity. The taste is delicate and elegant, very juicy, attractive and it has a lingering and teasing aftertaste. A pure “vin de plaisir” which will accompany very nicely grilled fish and seafood and simple quality meat dishes with fresh and crunchy vegetables to accent the pureness of the wine. This Baga is also a good contender to creamy cheeses.

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