Fluture Wines The Gecko Rosé Piquette, Middleburg 2020

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Blend includes fer servadou, nebbiolo, norton, petit verdot and tannat. Blend of red skins refermented with water This Piquette is 7% ABV. 



Fluture, pronounced “Flute - Tour - Aay”, is a special brand of four varietals created by Chrysalis Vineyards and is their foray into natural low intervention wines. Chrysalis is about growing Norton, the REAL American grape, along with other tested European varieties, which thrive in the Virginia soils and climate. Chrysalis’s mission is to produce wines of such distinction that they stand solely on their own merits as world-class wines, without any further explanation or excuse (you know, the old “Well, this is pretty good for a Virginia  ___.”). And Norton is from here… it’s ours… our own native Virginia grape, Vitis aestivalis. How cool is that? We think very much so.

The Fluture labels are original works of art by the talented artist Marcel Deolazo. Marcel has a studio in the Torpedo Factory, Alexandria VA . The Torpedo Factory is an old munitions plant that an art center with over 75 studios open to the public.

Fluture means butterfly in the Moldavian language, which is the language of Chrysalis Vineyard’s assistant winemaker’s wife.

Tasting Notes 

A super juicy, uncomplicated quaff. Aromas of red berry and citrus. Flavors of tart strawberry and red cherry with a citrus zest finish.

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