Girolamo Russo A'Rina Rosso 2020, Etna Rosso

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Giuseppe farms organically and is working with 15ha of vines, many of which are approaching 100 years in age. With production levels around 2000 cases per year the wines are very hard to find in the US. His wines are exceptional and he is a very nice, thoughtful, passionate person.

Vineyard: ​The area is broken up into sectors known as
‘contradas’. Each contrada has a name and is linked to one of Etna’s townships. Due to its positioning on the layers of lava, ash and other volcanic soils, each contrada has its own character.

Vinification: ​Giuseppe works the vineyards
organically and makes the wines himself. He vinifies each parcel separately, seeking out their individual identities in a series of wines that reflect the diverse character of their terroirs.

Ageing: ​A mix of steel and used botti. Neutral oak for 8-12 months.

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