Kuen Hof "Kaiton" Südtirol Eisacktaler Riesling 2016

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The Riesling grape came to South Tyrol in the 19th century and it originally comes from Germany. We were the very first Wine Estate in the Valle Isarco to cultivate Riesling. This grape grows in the vineyards of Kuenhof, Teis, Lahner and Gasteiger. The steep slopes of the Lahner vineyard are particularly ideal for Riesling vines.
Our Riesling is characterized by a clear structure with an intense mineral taste, with fruity and spicy aromas.


Kaiton is the name we gave to our Riesling. The reason why we choose this name was the missing DOC-designation (controlled denomination of origin) in the Valle Isarco until the year 2002. Kaiton is an origin Celtic word which means forest. The area around Kuenhof and the small town of Scezze used to have this name. 

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