La Catedral de Navarra Asparagus

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Buy White Asparagus! These are scalded before peeling, so that the skin protects the properties and aromas. These fiber-free white asparagus are pleasingly soft and tender with the characteristically unique delicate taste of this spring vegetable. Harvested in April through June, this product just recently achieved organic certification.

Serve it as a delicacy to enhance and complement any sophisticated dish. Use it as an appetizer on its own and adorn with olive oil.

For over 75 years, La Catedral de Navarra (LC) has been perfecting the tradition of preserving vegetables. This tradition started during the Spanish Civil War (1936 – 1939) when preserving food was a matter of survival. Many believe LC does it better than any other company worldwide. Furthermore, LC breeds and grows heirloom varieties of vegetables either organically or naturally and harvest precisely at peak ripeness. In fact, LC has their own lab with a staff dedicated to the study of preserving peak flavor throughout the canning process of high quality fresh vegetables.

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