Le Châtelain Camembert 8oz wheel

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Brie Le Châtelain is a traditional cheese crafted according to exacting artisanal standards. It is made in the Vosges Mountains of eastern France using a traditional recipe passed down through generations of master cheesemakers. The milk that goes into Brie Le Châtelain comes from cows that roam free on grassy hillsides and are completely free of rBST. All-natural and free of preservatives, Brie Le Châtelain contains only milk, cheese cultures, salt, and enzymes.

Typical of brie, Le Châtelain has a soft, white, bloomy rind, a luxurious ivory paste and an especially rich and buttery flavor. As the cheese ripens over time, it goes from a simple fresh cream taste to a creamier texture and bold flavor venerated by connoisseurs.

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