Lone Pine oh-J IIPA, Maine

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What makes a beer juicy? The perfect counterbalance between a soft body and the fresh, fruity flavors of Hops. Hops are a wildly dynamic plant. Throughout beer’s long history, hop farmers and brewers alike have constantly pushed innovative ways to produce and convey delicious hop flavors. Nowadays, different varieties can provide vastly different characteristics. Beyond that, the flavors released by those hops can change drastically depending on when, and how they are applied during the brewing process.

As our flagship foray into the hazy world of New England IPAs, Oh-J boasts a hoppy, juicy punch. Free of any fruit, but bursting with tropical citrus flavor, Oh-J clocks in 8.1% with unparalleled drinkability. With a big thank you in mind to hop farmers, brewers, and beer drinkers everywhere, we present the juicy masterpiece that is Oh-J Double IPA.

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