Mary Taylor Wines, Anjou Blanc 2019

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Varieties: 100% Chenin Blanc

Geographically, Anjou is divided into two dominant profiles, based on soil types. The first, known as “Anjou Blanc,” lies toward the west of the appellation, where chalky limestone soils impart a lighter, more energetic expression of Chenin. Then there’s “Anjou Noir,” referring to the dark volcanic schist soils of the easternmost edge of the Massif Armorican, where Chenin assumes a richer, more full-bodied character.

Sourced from vineyards that fall exactly along the border of Anjou’s two sub-regions, this gorgeously subtle expression from fourth-generation winemaker Pascal Biotteau comes from the village of Saint-Jean-de-Mauvrets, situated on the old Roman road from Angers to Poitiers. Combining the fresh acidity of the “Anjou Blanc’s” limestone with the flinty, mouth- coating richness of the “Anjou Noir,” the estate’s 2019 vintage offers a beautiful composite picture of Anjou as a whole, with honeyed notes of apricot giving way to a tangy mineral finish.

The 2019 vintage has been marked by extreme climactic phenomena. Above-average sunshine, combined with "near-total dryness" and two successive heatwaves resulted in some reduced yields, yet the good standards in the Biotteau’s vineyard meant the team had little trouble combatting weather challenges. The region's flowering season was marked by frosts throughout April and early May. June and July saw yields affected by France's successive heatwaves, but also increased sugar concentration and exceptional quality in the red grapes in particular. We can now say the Anjou whites are very aromatic, with a powerful and opulent mouthfeel.

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