Matsu El Recio, Toro 2018

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The Japanese word Matsu (to wait) describes the essence of a sustainable viticulture project that combines the care of nature with biodynamic techniques.  

This is a corpulent wine also having a lot of finesse, with an intense nose having notes of chocolate, black fruits and vanilla. In the mouth the taste is striking, being predominantly round and silky, very unctuous with subtle hints of the glycerine. Touches of fruits linger in the after taste as do mineral notes. This is a full body wine yet at the same time very easy to drink.

Made from a selection of 90 to 100 year old vines with very limited yields and naturally cultivated following the biodynamic techniques. Fermentation and maceration take place for a duration of 3 weeks in reinforced concrete tanks. The malolactic fermentation takes place in French oak barrels during its 14 months of aging. This wine has not been filtered and is clarified without utilizing aggressive processes.

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