Michael Shaps Wild Meadow Vineyard Chardonnay 2016

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Grown on his exclusive site in Purcellville, situated in Loudon County Virginia, this chardonnay has consistently been one of the best chardonnays in Virginia. The vineyard is situated on a south-east slope with light soils in a cool climate growing condition. The chardonnay grapes at this vineyard ripen two weeks later than the chardonnay around the Charlottesville area, which allows the ripening to occur in late September, which comes with cooler night time temperatures helping the vines preserve the acidity inside the grapes. This chardonnay has a lovely taste combination of pear, apple, lemon with the integrated nuance of vanilla and toast. The contact from the yeast provides a nice yeasty bread-like component as well. The nice acidity from this site helps the wine age, and it needs about two years in bottle before it starts to show itself.

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