Mus Lias Rueda Verdejo 2020

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Miguel Arroyo Izquierdo is a family-run winery with roots established long before their debut 2010 vintage. Winemaker and vineyard manager Miguel is a fourth-generation grape grower who tends to parcels that have been producing Verdejo for more than 100 years. It has been with clippings from these original sites that the surrounding vineyards have grown and expanded.

Their wine tradition dates back more than a century to when this typical Castilian family focused on agriculture and cattle raising; their wine production was utilitarian, being consumed mostly by the employees that worked their land or sold at local markets. The original winery housed a ground level press and a basement where wood barrels and clay amphoras carried out fermentation. Despite much of the regional wine production being abandoned as workers moved to surrounding cities during the Spanish industrial revolution in the 1950s, Miguel’s family continued to manage the original vineyards.

Prior to the new winery being built in 2010, the bulk of the vineyard expansion occurred in the preceding decade. It was during this time of growth that Miguel began his journey as a winemaker, bringing his brand and family name to market for the first time at a commercial level.

Tasting Notes:

A classically fresh Verdejo focused around fruity aromas of stone fruit and citrus. The vibrant mineralogy and herbaceousness is appreciated, and often missed at this price point.

Verdejo is a great food wine due to its higher acidity and subtle bitterness which act as a palate cleanser. Try it with fish tacos, lime chicken and carnitas.


100% Verdejo

Production of less than 3,500 cases


25% barrel fermented and aged in a mixed format of stainless steel and French oak of all sizes depending on the block the grapes came from.

Farming Methods:



Primarily clay based subsoils, poor in organic material, with varying amounts of sand and limestone. Rocky gravel often lines the surface.


Miguel Arroyo

Alcohol Content:


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