Nero di Serramarrocco 2011

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100% made with Nero d’Avola grapes, the Nero di Serramarrocco is a true example of the finest expression of the most renowned sicilian grape variety.

A dense purple colour is enhanced by a complex bouquet of blackberries, raspberries, mediterranean fruits, minerals notes, liquorice, orange peel, dark chocolate and underwood subtle aromas. With its typical bodied structure, it strikes out for its elegance and opulence. Aged 8 months in 1 year old tonneaux of Troncais Allier, Nero di Serramarrocco is produced with the very best selection of Nero d’Avola grapes harvested by hand in the “vigna Sakkara” of 1.80 hectares. Planted exclusively with Nero d’Avola, vines are trained by Guyot system with a density planting of 6.250 vines per hectare and with a low yield production of approximately 1,10 kg. per plant. First harvest 2002.

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