Pierre Biscuiterie French Pure Butter Cookies

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French Pure Butter Cookies are traditional-style cookies from Normandy, France, made entirely from natural, GMO-free ingredients. What makes these cookies so special is the use of butter and fresh cream, which gives them a rewarding bite: crisp to the touch of the teeth, crumbly once bitten, and buttery and melty inside your mouth. Artisan crafted for the ultimate delight, these cookies will make you want “just one more mouthful!”

Our French Pure Butter cookies were created by Pierre Biscuiterie. Based in the Normandy region of France, they’ve been masterfully preparing cookies since the nineteenth century. Today, they maintain “a legacy of simplicity, naturalness and pleasure,” by adhering to traditional baking methods as well as all-natural, GMO-free ingredients, making their cookies a cut above the ones you’ll find in the grocery store. Buy cookies like these from Gourmet Food Store to enjoy higher quality and a tastier experience.

Each pack includes 10 cookies.



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