Quojane di Serramarrocco, Sicily 2017

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100% made with Zibibbo grapes, Quojane di Serramarrocco is a true example of the finest expression of the terroir of Serramarrocco.
Vinified as a dry wine, with its opulent and fragrant exotic texture, it strikes out for the complexity of intense Mediterranean classic fruits aromas on a most sicilian bouquet background of jasmine, zàgara and lavanda flowers, intermixed with hints of mint, cedar, rosemary, and green apple in its long fruity finish.
Excellent balance between pulpiness, minerality and acidity, Quojane di Serramarrocco is produced with Zibibbo grapes harvested in the “vigna delle Quojane” of 5.85 hectares.
Vines are trained by Guyot system with a density of 6.250 plants per hectare and with a low yield production of approximately 1,60 kg. per vine. First harvest 2009.

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