The Drunken Goat 10oz.

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The region of Murcia, in southeastern Spain, is the birthplace of the Murciano-Granadina breed of goats. This breed produces the best milk in the country. It is a rustic animal, well acclimatized to the heat and aridness of the Mediterranean region, but with centuries of genetic selection for milk production. Its attributes include a perfect anatomy, a fine mahogany to dark-colored coat and great migrating abilities which allows it to take advantage of good grazing land.

The cheese has been made for centuries and consists in a number of different formats. There is a white version which is typically sold younger and has a more limited shelf life and the red version, The red version derives its reddish-purple hue from the fact that in the aging process the cheeses are dunked in a local red wine for 3 days. This gives the cheese its characteristic red hue and its floral bouquet.

The cheese just calls for some Spanish accompaniments like chorizo, marcona almonds or olives.

10oz whole vacuumed sealed wheel

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