Birichino "Peter Martin Ray Vineyard" Cabernet Sauvignon 2019, Santa Cruz Mountains

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In 2017, we began working with head-pruned, dry-farmed cabernet sauvignon from the historic Peter Martin Ray Vineyard, some 600m high up in the Santa Cruz Mountains in Saratoga on very low vigor, Franciscan shale soils. Peter’s late father Martin learned the ropes of the wine business at the neighboring property of that famous Burgundian, Paul Masson. Mount Eden is a stunning site, first developed by Martin Ray back in 1943, one hillside over from Montebello, and now divided between Peter Martin Ray and Jeffrey Patterson of Mt. Eden. We are very, very excited about the quality of the fruit from this brilliant mountain vineyard, and at the opportunity to work with, and learn from Peter and his family. 

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