Bitter Labs, Apricot Vanilla

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Intense locally sourced apricots are rounded out by sweet woody Madagascar vanilla beans. Add 2 dashes to your Manhattan, Hot Toddy, or Gin & Tonic for the perfect cocktail.

This is a SEASONAL FLAVOR available every autumn from September through November, or until sold out.

Suggested uses:

  • Drinks: Pairs well with whiskey, vodka, rum & gin cocktails, tea, kombucha & club soda

  • Food: Excellent in baked goods and frostings, and perfect as an addition to toasted nuts or atop ice cream. Fantastic addition to your marinade for savory dishes with pork, chicken or fish.

Ingredients: alcohol (bourbon whiskey & neutral grain spirit), filtered water, apricots, vanilla beans, black walnut leaf, herbs & spices

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