Brothers Pecan Pie Brown Ale

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Brothers Craft Brewing (originally Three Brothers Brewing) was founded by the three Shifflett siblings, who used their collective experience to execute a singular vision: brew exciting, unique craft beers that emphasize and support our community.

Pecan Pie, a dessert we all know and love. But while we all agree that it is delicious, we are a house divided over how it is pronounced. Some say pecan (and they are wrong) while others correctly say pecan. Regardless of how you pronounce it, you are sure to love this beer. Using a base Brown Ale already chock full of flavor with notes of nut, chocolate, caramel, and a touch of roast; we have taken it a step further with the addition of vanilla and pecan. The result is a beer that will remind you of your favorite desserts and leave you wanting more. Whether you say pecan or pecan, we CAN all come together and agree that this is the perfect fall beer.

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