Buscareto Rosé Brut NV

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Conti di Buscareto is a relative newcomer to the winemaking field, recently taking over the grape and vinification activity of an old local wine cellar, and this freshness has assisted them greatly in their devotion to seeking the out the best vineyards and methods for crafting their fine wines.

Focusing on three areas in the Marche - Verdichhio dei Catelli di Jesi, Lacrima di Morro d'Alba and Rosso Piceno - they are meticulous in the management of their 70 hectares of vineyards. With 35 hectares in Arcevia, Conti di Buscareto remains committed to producing Marche's most popular wine, Verdicchio.

In addition to cultivating such favorites, Conti di Buscareto has also focused its efforts on the resurrection of a local red grape called “Lacrima Nera” or “Black Tears.” Named for its loss of juice when the grape becomes very ripe, Lacrima Nera produces aromatic wines with notes of rose petals, and has recently been saved from extinction.

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