Ca d Gal "Lumine" Moscato d'Asti 2022

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The Story: Founded in 1990, Ca’ d’ Gal is a tiny winery tucked in the Valdivilla hills, about 15 kilometers west of

Barbaresco. In the commune of Santo Stefano Belbo, is the estate’s 6.5-hectare amphitheater of sandy, calcareous slopes. These sandy slopes are prized for the quality of the grapes and complexity of wines they produce and have become regarded as one of Moscato d’Asti’s blue-ribboned terroirs. In the Ca’ d’Gal vineyards there is also a prized plot of old, own-rooted, pre-phylloxera 55-year-old vines where the soil strays into seams of limestone-rich blue tufa. The fruit from this wine is bottled as a separate old-vines bottling that is absolutely one of the most amazing white wines produced in Italy. The owner/winemaker, Alessandro Boido, also works with an almost-extinct clone of Moscato: Moscato di Canelli. These wines, from the Lumine, to the Vite Vecchia are world class and unlike what you are used to from Moscato d’Asti.

Vineyard: Estate vineyards covering 7ha with diverse soil composition. Yields are intensely controlled to preserve quality and grapes are harvested manually after September 10th.

Vinification: Fermented in pressurized stainless steel

autoclaves under temperature control between 16 and 18°C for the number of days required to reach an alcohol content of up to 5% and obtain the necessary perlage. The vinification process is completed in fifty days.

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