Cass "Oasis" Rosé, Paso Robles 2020

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57% Mourvèdre, 43% Grenache. An alluring hue of rose gold presents through the glass with youthful aromas of white raspberry, tart cherry, watermelon rind and faint whispers of hibiscus blossom. Bone dry, with an acidic zest enlivens the palate through ruby red grapefruit and citrus twists entangled with juicy orchard fruit and a surprising sunburst of wild strawberries. The refreshing finish stages playful memories of spring flings and warm summer evenings.

Our winemaker uses a direct press method to produce this Provençal style, dry Rosé. Hand-picked in the early morning, the cold grapes were pressed within moments after coming off the vine. Stainless steel aged and fermented. Malolactic fermentation was inhibited to preserve acidity, keeping the wine fresh and crisp.

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