Catherine & Michel Langlois Creme de Cassis

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Blackcurrant cream is a fresh and natural product, with no food colouring and preservative. The LANGLOIS blackcurrant cream is known for its purity,  unrivalled perfume and high fruit level : 800 gr of fruit per litre. 

Home-made blackcurrant cultivation comes from a very old variety traditionally used in Burgundy in the making of creams and liqueurs: the Noir de Bourgogne. On the very same day of harvest, the berries are frozen in order to avoid any fermentation and  to encourage cell breaking, liberating maximum aromatic flavours. 

After defrosting, the blackcurrant berries are very carefully selected, mashed, then placed in pure alcohol for maceration.

Maceration is made in barrels, which are daily turned for 6 weeks.

Blackcurrant is mainly known for protecting small blood vessels called capillaries, and also its anti-inflammatory qualities. 

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