Chateau Famaey "Premier Amour" Skin Contact White 2021

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Chardonnay 40%, Viognier 40%, Sauvignon Blanc 16%, Sémillion 4%

Origin and terroir

2nd terrace of the Lot Valley, Allivium is rather decarbonated and consists of gravels and clayey sands with heterogeneous pebbles.

Producing method :
All the vines of Famaey were almost totally destroyed by frost in April 2021.

So by the end of August we saw that some of the grapes were that escaped that frost where good to harvest and we decided to harvest all our white wine plots with the different grapes by hand. We did this early in the morning to keep freshness. After that we put the full grapes (with skins) in two ovoïd (egg-shaped) tanks and we started to ferment on skin contact. After 7 days of skincontact we seperated the skins from the juice. We assembled the juice together in only 1 ovoïd tank. We kept the temperature below 16° C and the juice finished his fermentation and « elevage » in the egg-shaped tank for a 5 months.
We bottled the wine in February 2022 with a very low adding of sulfites.

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