GD Vajra Dolcetto d'Alba 2022

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In 1971, Aldo Vajra, then still a university student, was one of the earliest to adopt organic farming in Piemonte. Vineyards have been nurtured, and soil preserved, by grassing and spontaneous cover crop for almost 50 years now. They are sustainable and organic certified. With an incredible ratio of manual work per hectare, farming at Vajra is a labor of love and “recipe-free” attention. Intense research is also placed into monitoring and improving the biodiversity of both flora and fauna not just in the vineyards, but also in the winery fields and forests.

Historically, Dolcetto was cultivated in prime land, just above Nebbiolo vineyards. At Vajra, we remain loyal to this approach and keep farming this variety in places of true vocation. Our Dolcetto d’Alba DOC is a homage to a wonderful, often overlooked heritage of Piemonte. It is a pure, vibrant and fruity expression of the grape, ideal for many food pairings from appetizers to pastas and vegetables and light proteins such as white meats and egg-based dishes. 2019 is a beautiful, profound wine. It is joyful and readily accessible, yet it discloses in the glass with many layers of fruits and floral tones.

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