Ken Wright Pinot Noir, YamHill Carlton AVA 2020

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200 million years of tectonic plate subduction and 15 million years of volcanic activity have shaped the state of Oregon and its Willamette Valley into the place we know and love today. Our new AVA series wines were inspired by these colossal geological events and the influence it has on our soil, mother rock and the resulting aromas and flavors in the wine. The fruit for the inaugural release of these two bottlings hails from the highest quality

vineyards in the Yamhill-Carlton AVA and Eola-Amity Hills AVA. This collection gives you an opportunity to drink history and to revel in the beautiful and detailed differences you will find!

The 2020 growing season began beautifully in early/mid-April. However, over 10 days, in mid-June during flower, temperatures dropped and it rained steadily. This had a profound effect on the fertility of our flowers, resulting in one the lightest crops in the modern industry’s history. A silver lining to this was that the clusters were very open and loose, allowing for good air movement and disease prevention. The fruit was incredibly healthy. The berries were also very small in size which meant a higher precentage of skin to juice ratio. Higher levels of skin to juice will result in greater concentration of color, aroma and flavor. Like 1998, our 2020 wine is dense and rich but in short supply.

FARMING: Sustainable, nutrition-based farming, organic certified
AGING REGIME: Aged for 10 months, in 100% French oak with 20% new French oak barrels


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