Domaine La Blaque Rouge 2021, Provence

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La Blaque is an exceptional terroir" says Gilles Delsuc. The microclimate, the diversity of the soils and the orientation of the vineyard are optimal. The sunshine of almost 320 days a year, as well as the extreme variations between day and night (due to altitude) are very favorable to the maturity of the grape. This context makes it possible to start harvesting at the end of September, which is rather rare in the south of France. The soils are of clay-limestone nature, with a great variability ranging from chalky limestone soils to heavier clay soils. These are excellent conditions for a Mediterranean viticulture.

Most of the work is done mechanically: plowing, weeding ... The current objective being more and more to turn to an organic farming. To obtain a premium grapes, yields are limited to 35 - 40 hl/ha, a green harvest is carried out at the beginning of August in order to leave only 7 bunches per vine. Vine density 4,000 feet per hectare. Goblet, Guyot and Cordon de Royat are practiced according to the grape varieties. Cordon de Royat size remains the most popular method (87%).

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