Fine Creek Mixed Culture Gose 500ml

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The combination of salt and coriander in a traditional Gose produces a mildly tart beer with a bright citrus character and a slight tingly, mouthwatering quality. We love these elements from this style but prefer the rounder and more complex character that a mixed culture delivers, so we brewed a beer that combines our house wild culture, caught near our head brewer’s home, with Virginia grown and malted grains to produce our take on a traditional Gose.

The grist is built on a base of Murphy & Rude 6-Row Pale and their malted Soft Red Wheat. We added fresh ground coriander, Mediterranean Sea Salt, and, our own house aged, Hersbrucker hops to produce a traditional Gose wort. Which fermented and conditioned with our wild culture for 12 months before packaging. After packaging we gave the beer another 5 months to naturally carbonate and condition.

This process produced a highly carbonated, tart, and fruity wheat ale, with pronounced citrusy coriander and restrained salinity. While having very minimal bitterness the salinity and acidity contribute to a refreshing light body and provide balance against the moderate bready malt character.

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