Fine Creek Wet Hopped Lager 500ml

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This robust lager was brewed with Murphy & Rude Virginia Pils and Biscuit malts, as well as freshly harvested Cascade hops from Greenmont Hopworks in Esmont, Virginia. Fresh hops retain a lot more of their moisture content, which is why they are sometimes called wet hops; they also display more of the unique character of their local growing region. They aren’t always more expressive, but they tend to be far more nuanced and unique.

The fresh, Virginia grown, Cascade used in this lager lends a floral aroma, with highlights of jasmine and orange blossom, as well as malt driven notes of dried straw and fresh biscuits. The flavor is similar, but a bit richer, with bready notes of shortbread, chamomile tea, and dried sweetgrass. Upfront this lager has a bit of sweetness, but it quickly mellows to a smooth, clean, and dry finish with minimal bitterness.

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