Franz Keller vom Löss Pinot Noir, Baden 2017

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Ruby red in color; fruit aromas of cherry and red currants are accompanied by notes of flintstone and gunpowder.

The center piece of this historically important vineyard – warm, sheltered, steep slopes – stores heat and creates a unique microclimate. Purchasing this parcel was not an easy endeavor! On a walk through the vineyards Fritz Keller noticed the beginning of a vineyard clearance. Since the preservation of old vines and their genetics is important to him, he found out who owned the vineyard to make an offer. Even though the owners had no successor who wanted to work these steep slopes, selling the vineyard to someone from Oberbergen was not an option for the Achkarrer owners. Their attitude was: „Achkarrer do not sell to Oberbergener!“

But Fritz Keller could proof that his mother was from Achkarren, so the owners eventually said yes. Thanks to this effort Schlossberg GROSSES GEWÄCHS still is a unique parcel with ancient vines.

Since 2009 we also own and manually cultivate another parcel here. This vineyard is surrounded by dry stonewall and characterized by its black volcanic soil. The stonewall is up to 4 meters high and about 150 meters long. Secured by our team, it will last for generations. Lizards, snakes, and fire salamander find shelter in the stonewall, especially during the winter.

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