Huet Vouvray Petulant Brut 2017

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  • Domaine Huet is an iconic Vouvray producer and lauded for making some of the world’s most compelling white wines, including some of the longest-lived sweet wines.
  • Founded in 1928 by Gaston Huet with the purchase of the vineyard “Le Haut Lieu”, the estate expanded in the mid-1950s with the acquisition of two additional vineyards on the Première Côte — Le Mont (purchased in 1957) and Clos du Bourg (farmed since 1953, purchased in 1963) — which ensured the domaine’s place in the French wine pantheon.
  • One of the earliest practicioners of Biodynamics, Domaine Huet started farming Biodynamically in 1990, and have been certified since 1993.
  • 100% Chenin Blanc

    All grapes harvested by hand. Noel Pinguet was one of the first French vignerons to adopt biodynamic viticulture and credit biodynamics with enhancing the personalities of the estate's terroirs.
    Bottled before primary fermentation is finished, resulting in a lower pressure sparkling wine - pétillant - because only a portion of the fermentation occurs inside the bottle. The wine ages for a minimum of three years before being disgorged. If dosage is added, the domaine uses past vintages of demi-sec, moelleux or even moelleux 1ere trie as dosage.
    Among the great values in sparkling wine and competes in pedigree, texture and flavor with many Champagnes. Shows trues versatility of Chenin and provides endless drinking pleasure. THe 2017 Petillant has less than one gram of residual sugar, 4 grams of total acidity and a pH of 3.26.
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