Jean-Maurice Raffault "Les Galuches" Chinon, 2020

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Les Galuches lieu-dit is an ancient river bed of the Loire. The name of parcel derives from the presence of gravel. According the records from the era, vines were already well established in this sector by the 1830s. The Cabernet Franc ripens very well in the domaine’s 10 hectare holding on a sand and gravel soil. Les Galuches is always among the first site to be picked because the soil warms up quickly and drains very well. The wine rests 6 months in 500 litre double barriques. It is very aromatic and is noted for its bouquet of violets, followed by lush and supple dark berry/cherry fruit.
Les Galuches vineyard has been organically farmed since 2016.

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